Aquamarine, muscovite

Aquamarine, muscovite

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Cluster of very clean and finished aquamarine crystals of blue color grown on silver muscovite tabular crystals. Aquamarine crystals reach 2.1 cm in size. Aquamarine with muscovite comes from pegmatite rocks.

This aesthetic aquamarine sample was found by Pakistani miners in the middle of Karakoram Mountain in the steep Shigar Valley of North Kashmir. Miners travel to the mines a few days on foot through narrow paths and passes. They even live in the mountains during the season. The surrounding mountain peaks are frozen and snowy all year round due to their altitude.

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Aquamarine or beryllium aluminosilicate with the chemical formula Be3Al2Si6O18 is a beryl variety. The name was acquired by its distinctive color from the Latin aqua marina. Due to its color and rarity, aquamarine is a sought-after gem not only for collectors and jewelers from around the world. It is a stone of peace, joy, and happiness.

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Shigar Valley



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