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A lemon-yellow cluster of stunningly lustrous brucite, that looks like an animal. These new finds simply redefine the species, and pieces such as this are 1 in 500. This piece is complete and compact, brucite grows on the parent rock. This piece is highly elegant, just fits the word ethereal for the combination of color and curves. This mineral is extremely rare in this quality, even from these newly surprising and productive finds, which are mined in one small pocket at a time (over the last years).

1 in stock

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Brucite has a composition of Mg(OH)2; sometimes Mg is substitute by Fe or Mn. It belongs to the trigonal system. It forms flakes to tables perfectly cleaved by the base. Discovered in 1824 and named after Archibald Bruce (1777-1818) who described it.

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Killa Saifullah, Balochistan



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