Fluorite on morion

Fluorite on morion

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Very interesting combination of several minerals and colors with gemmy quality. The fluorite crystals create blue and dark blue cubes, ranging in size from 3 mm to 1.5 cm, which grow on 2 large crystals of morion. Fluorite cubes also grow each other and are zonal. Very small crystals of calcite, arsenopyrite and pyrite grow on the fluorite cubes. This sample comes from a unique site in Siberia.

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Fluorite belongs to the cubic crystal system. Its name comes from Latin fluere-flow, according to its ability to facilitate the melting of metals. The name of element fluorine and the physical phenomenon of fluorescence, that fluorite often exhibits, has also been derived from the fluorite. Ancient Greeks made vases and containers of it. Its color can be very variable, almost all shades are known.

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Siberia, Bykov




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